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        1. Welcome to visit China Tai 'an Shan Hu instrument technology Co., LTD.


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          Shandong Tai 'an Shanhu instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales of intelligent measuring instrument products enterprises. The company is located in The Huancheng Science and technology Industrial Park, Ningyang County, Tai 'an city, Shandong Province, with a construction area of 3,000 square meters. The company has a united and enterprising, vigorous technology research and development team, with modern management awareness of the management team and forge ahead, business superb marketing team.

          The company has measuring instrument research and development, production and testing equipment, the annual production and sales of all kinds of intelligent measuring instrument more than 600,000 units, is one of the intelligent measuring instrument production enterprises. The company's products include: intelligent prepaid water meter, electronic remote water meter, heat meter, intelligent HVAC valve and single-phase electricity meter. A number of products are independently developed and designed by the company, and has obtained ultrasonic heat meter, ultrasonic heat meter fast rotating device, water meter movement and remote photoelectric direct reading meter and many other certificates.

          The company has developed a scientific and strict organization and management system, strong research and development technology system, manufacturing quality management system, sales network system. The whole product line of the company can meet the multi-level and multi-directional needs of users, and provide users with prepaid charging management mode including the use of standard IC card "water, electricity and heat one-card"; Can also provide the user based on M-BUS, 485 BUS, GPRS/ infrared remote wireless and other communication mode of "water, electricity, heat instrument system solution", constitute a complete automatic meter reading system, realize automatic meter reading charge.

          Up to now, Tai 'an Shanhu instrument Technology Co., Ltd. has established a number of marketing regions, sales and service network has covered the major cities, with fast processing speed, sincere attitude, excellent service, to ensure that each user can get satisfactory service, achievements of Shanhu instrument today.

          The company has set up a customer service telephone, can receive customers around the consultation, repair service; Perfect after-sales service information management system, more each user to provide a stable after-sales guarantee!

          Shanhu instrument Technology Co., Ltd. always adhere to the "excellence, customer satisfaction" service purpose, and continue to serve our customers.


          +86 18653865580


          Huancheng Science and Technology Industrial Park, Ningyang
          County, Tai 'an City, Shandong Province, China

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