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          Intelligent Water Meter

          PRODUCT > Intelligent Water Meter

          Nb-IoT water meter

          Product features:

          1. The counter and electronic sampling, signal acquisition is more stable

          2. Double sealing ring structure, and add circuit board glue treatment, and then nine screws locked, the product structure is more stable, waterproof and moisture-proof more reliable

          3. Movement and control box integrated design, achieve dry and wet separation

          4. Self-developed international mainstream dry movement, durable and clear reading, anti-freezing effect is superior, longer service life

          5. Battery compartment design mechanism, the battery is fully sealed and can be upgraded with double batteries, which can last longer

          6. The valve adopts double valve dry design, and the use of large specification motor, the output torque is larger, the valve life is longer

          7. Can be equipped with independent design of integrated thermal insulation cover, anti-freezing and aging to a higher level

          8. No magnetic reluctance and other sampling methods can be selected to meet customer needs

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          +86 18653865580


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